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In recent times, a buzz has hovered around the renowned arts and crafts giant, Hobby Lobby, stirring up conversations and concerns regarding its business continuity. The question “Is Hobby Lobby going out of business?” has been on many lips, prompted by various factors we’ll delve into. This article aims to dissect the origins of these rumors, present the current situation based on facts, and explore the potential impacts and future prospects for Hobby Lobby.

The Rise of Hobby Lobby

Brief History

Founded in 1972, Hobby Lobby started as a small craft store in Oklahoma City. It has since burgeoned into a leading entity in the arts and crafts industry, renowned for its extensive selection of craft supplies, home decor, and holiday decorations.

Expansion Over the Years

The journey from a single 300-square-foot store to over 900 stores nationwide is a testament to Hobby Lobby’s robust expansion strategy, marked by its commitment to providing a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Impact on the Craft Industry

Hobby Lobby has significantly influenced the craft industry, setting trends and standards that have guided both competitors and enthusiasts.

Current State of Hobby Lobby

Financial Overview

Despite the retail challenges faced by many, Hobby Lobby has shown resilience with reported sales growth in recent years. However, the retail landscape’s evolving nature requires constant innovation to stay ahead.

Market Challenges

The rise of e-commerce and changing consumer habits pose significant challenges, necessitating adaptations in Hobby Lobby’s business model.

Online vs. Physical Stores

The debate between maintaining physical stores versus bolstering online presence is ongoing, with Hobby Lobby seeking a balance between the two.

Rumors and Facts

Going Out of Business?

Rumors about Hobby Lobby closing down have circulated, but what’s the truth behind these claims?

Reasons Behind the Rumors

Speculations have been fueled by store closures and the competitive pressures from online retailers. Yet, it’s crucial to distinguish between normal business adjustments and actual closure.

Official Statements

Hobby Lobby has addressed these rumors, emphasizing their commitment to adapting and continuing their business operations.

Impact of Going Out of Business

On Employees

The potential closure of Hobby Lobby would have significant implications for its workforce, affecting livelihoods and the job market in the communities it serves.

On Customers

Customers would lose a beloved source for crafts and decor, underscoring the importance of Hobby Lobby in the crafting community.

On the Craft Industry

The exit of a major player like Hobby Lobby could reshape the competitive landscape of the craft industry, impacting supply, demand, and pricing.

The Future of Hobby Lobby

Restructuring Plans

Exploring Hobby Lobby’s strategies for staying relevant and competitive in a changing market.

Potential Sale or Merger

Speculations around potential business deals that could secure Hobby Lobby’s future.

Innovations and Strategies

A look into how Hobby Lobby could innovate its product offerings and business model to thrive in the future.

Alternatives to Hobby Lobby

Online Platforms

Highlighting alternatives for craft enthusiasts, from online marketplaces to specialized e-commerce sites.

Local Craft Stores

The importance of supporting local businesses and how they can fill the void left by any potential Hobby Lobby closure.

DIY and Community Workshops

Emphasizing the rise of DIY culture and community workshops as alternatives for crafters.


In dissecting the rumors and examining the facts, it’s clear that Hobby Lobby faces challenges yet remains a pivotal player in the arts and crafts industry. The future may hold changes, but the company’s commitment to its customers and adaptability suggests it is not going out of business imminently. Instead, Hobby Lobby appears to be navigating the turbulent waters of retail with an eye towards evolution and sustainability.


  1. Is Hobby Lobby really closing all its stores?
  • As of now, there is no official statement from Hobby Lobby confirming a complete shutdown of its operations.
  1. What has Hobby Lobby said about the rumors?
  • Hobby Lobby has publicly addressed the rumors, stating they are committed to adjusting their business model and continuing operations.
  1. How can customers find out about store closures?
  • Updates on store operations can be found on Hobby Lobby’s official website and social media channels.
  1. What alternatives are there for Hobby Lobby shoppers?
  • Shoppers can explore online platforms, local craft stores, and engage in community workshops for their crafting needs.
  1. How will Hobby Lobby’s situation affect the craft industry?
  • The dynamics within the craft industry may shift, but the demand for crafting supplies and decor will likely foster new opportunities for other retailers and platforms.



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