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In a world that’s constantly on the move, finding moments of peace can be a challenge. LiveaMoment is a beacon of hope in this fast-paced environment, offering a unique platform for individuals across the globe to connect through shared emotions and peace initiatives. Founded by Deborah Greene, LiveaMoment is more than just an app; it’s a movement dedicated to fostering global well-being and peace.

About LiveaMoment

At its core, LiveaMoment is driven by the vision of creating a peaceful world through the collective power of emotional awareness. Deborah Greene’s journey to founding LiveaMoment was inspired by her belief in the transformative power of pausing, reflecting, and connecting with one’s emotions and those of others around the world.

Key Features of the LiveaMoment App

The LiveaMoment app is an innovative tool designed to promote emotional connection and global empathy. It’s free to download, allowing users to record and share their emotional states. A standout feature is the ability to watch videos from people all over the world, offering a window into the global emotional landscape.

The Founder: Deborah Greene

Deborah Greene’s path to creating LiveaMoment was shaped by her experiences and a deep-rooted belief in peace and emotional well-being. As a writer and visionary, her leadership is steering the movement towards impactful global peace initiatives.

The Movement: A Global Push for Peace

LiveaMoment is at the forefront of global peace efforts, with initiatives designed to bring people together through shared emotions and understanding. The movement encourages individuals to contribute to a more peaceful world in their daily lives.

Exploring the App’s Unique Offerings

The LiveaMoment app offers a user-friendly experience, filled with features that encourage emotional expression and global connection. Through community stories and testimonials, users can see the direct impact of their participation in the movement.

The Importance of Emotional Awareness

Emotional awareness is crucial for personal and collective well-being. LiveaMoment leverages research and case studies to highlight the significance of understanding and sharing emotions in fostering peace.

LiveaMoment’s Role in Promoting Peace

Through various peace initiatives and collaborations, LiveaMoment is making tangible impacts on global harmony. The movement works with partners around the world to spread its message of peace and emotional connection.

How to Get Involved

Getting involved with LiveaMoment is as simple as downloading the app and participating in its peace initiatives. The platform offers various ways for individuals to contribute to the movement’s goals.

The Future of LiveaMoment

LiveaMoment is constantly evolving, with new features and updates designed to expand its reach and impact. The movement aims to grow its community and continue promoting peace and emotional well-being globally.

User Experiences and Success Stories

The power of LiveaMoment is reflected in the stories of its users. These narratives showcase the transformative impact of collective emotional expression and the movement’s role in promoting peace.

Expert Insights on LiveaMoment

Psychologists and peace activists alike recognize the significance of LiveaMoment in today’s society. Interviews with experts provide deeper insights into the movement’s importance and its contributions to global well-being.


LiveaMoment stands as a testament to the power of emotional connection and the potential for collective action to foster peace. As the movement grows, it continues to offer hope and a path towards a more empathetic and peaceful world.


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